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Set name Owner Public access Cards Recent activity Description
Coaxkika Sorrow Viewable 153 00000000 2014-08-23 04:30:42: Sorrow created the card Longclaw Elder Follow-up to Eluim block. Instant and sorcery focused.
Conversation Alex Editable 34 00000000 2014-08-23 03:28:28: dude1818 commented on Banding in the Restored Series A venue for discussions about Magic design
Duel Decks: Starcraft 2.0 noyahuid Viewable 136 00000000 2014-08-23 02:14:17: noyahuid commented on Lockdown Three 60-card decks based on the SC universe. Currently playtesting. Seeking comments, particularly for the yellow highlighted notes! Full visual spoiler up.
Dominaria Reborn keflexxx Viewable 129 00000003 2014-08-23 01:03:50: L2i0n0k7 commented on Stonethrow Sledge The Krosan Forest slowly comes back to life on the continent of Otaria. Druids flock to the source, dwarves emerge from their foothills once again & Benalish missionaries set up small colonies on the former Daru Plains. The Cephalids have also survived and have re-opened the Riptide Laboratory, harvesting sea creatures in order to strengthen their own magic.
Yet another card dump (Circeus's) Circeus Viewable 354 00000000 2014-08-22 19:55:06: Alex commented on Arcane Retributions Caved in and decided it was easier to have this around until we can have an easier way to track our activities across the site
Cards With No Home Alex Editable 484 00000000 2014-08-22 18:04:41: L2i0n0k7 edited Infested Terrain Cards that don't fit into our actual themed sets. Open to all: throw your random ideas in here, or come along for some random ideas for your set.
Superhero 10vernothin Viewable 24 00000000 2014-08-22 13:30:01: L2i0n0k7 commented on Green Lantern Ring Marvel and DC superheroes. Rarity based on power level within the universe
Code Geass Alex Viewable 18 00000002 2014-08-22 12:14:29: Vitenka commented on Instants theme? Bringing the epic anime series into Magic
Gep Summer Viewable 20 00000000 2014-08-22 10:03:06: jmgariepy commented on Abuse Power Nonbasic versus basic
Homelands Restored jmgariepy Viewable 28 00000001 2014-08-22 09:59:40: jmgariepy commented on Cemetery Gate 'Fixing' Homelands for Modern Magic play.
Erralix Summer Viewable 232 00000001 2014-08-22 03:39:31: L2i0n0k7 commented on Inquisitive Sprite Revolves around indestructible v tokens.
Misc Design for future sets. Vonmarcus Viewable 425 00000000 2014-08-21 19:51:12: Vonmarcus created the card Cannon Defense These are for a database of cards that are awaiting placement in a future set.
Discworld wlframe Viewable 90 00000000 2014-08-21 13:54:14: wlframe commented on Coin, Sorcerer a block of cards based off the fictional world of Terry Pratchett novels
My Universe, My Rules Vitenka Viewable 279 00000000 2014-08-21 10:40:17: Vitenka created and commented on the card Karma Making the rules of magic bend in all new and interesting ways. Very very temporary stuff here. I think it's gone all 'un' on me.
Anydria Storage L2i0n0k7 Viewable 147 00000000 2014-08-21 04:44:52: L2i0n0k7 created the card Battlefield Scholar A collecting place for card ideas from a set with no blue cards, as briefly discussed on (((Resync))).
Anydria [Set One] L2i0n0k7 Viewable 81 00000000 2014-08-21 04:40:00: L2i0n0k7 commented on Scent of Temptation Set one of the Anydria block, a set with no blue cards.
Mechanics Warehouse UncleIstvan Viewable 51 00000000 2014-08-21 02:48:13: UncleIstvan commented on Farmstead Scion Where I will be posting ideas for mechanics (as well as mostly limited cards)
Shiny Umbreon's Unmade Cards Shiny_Umbreon Viewable 82 00000002 2014-08-20 21:24:16: Shiny_Umbreon commented on Risky Proposition Ideas that haven't found a set and may never do.
Commander X wlframe Viewable 50 00000000 2014-08-20 21:07:03: Alex commented on Planar Resonance
BOO Draft #1 keflexxx Viewable 35 00000002 2014-08-20 08:20:27: Vitenka commented on Card37736 Grab-bag of card ideas for an upcoming draft.
Westeros wlframe Viewable 160 00000001 2014-08-20 02:37:29: wlframe edited Jaqen H'ghar
Community Mashup Set ttt3142 Editable 511 00000000 2014-08-18 22:10:56: Vitenka edited Canon of Lim-Dûl:

ah, forced-blocking is the obvious way to do it.

A place for people to put their mashup cards.
EDH - BGW UncleIstvan Viewable 69 00000000 2014-08-18 01:07:41: UncleIstvan commented on Bloodbowl Attendant Custom EDH Deck #2
Tavolozza Acilper Viewable 57 00000000 2014-08-17 01:43:04: Acilper commented on the cardset Tavolozza The first set in a block based on a world where your art comes alive named Tavolozza. Tavolozza, "Watercolors", and "Oils"
Link's Unplaced Cards L2i0n0k7 Viewable 984 00000001 2014-08-15 16:45:16: L2i0n0k7 commented on Ascend into Immortality A box for cards that don't really have a place in my sets, as well as several cards that have homes in sets I have yet to fully develop.
Multiverse Design Challenge Camruth Editable 2159 00000000 2014-08-15 15:15:34: Alex commented on Fracture Reality New design challenges will be posted every week or so. Come and stretch your design muscles!
Silver bordered and/or joke cards Jack V Editable 134 00000000 2014-08-14 04:46:45: Acilper edited Temporary Theft A collecting ground for cards which are funny rather than useful; some would fit in an un-set, some are purely humour
Multiverse Feedback Alex Editable 200 00000002 2014-08-13 09:48:24: Alex commented on Malware Warning Report bugs and discuss ideas for new features here
EDH - URG UncleIstvan Viewable 69 00000001 2014-08-12 14:59:33: UncleIstvan moved the card Flowering Barkfist from EDH - URG into EDH - BGW A custom EDH deck
Carddesigns Jsys Cryst Viewable 79 00000005 2014-08-12 07:19:14: Alex commented on Experiment X Random cards that have no assigned set or no further purpose.