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Don't display power on planeswalkers even when entered. (So we don't get confusing loyalties like 1/3.)
last 2014-04-09 22:14:11 by Vitenka
This is probably just a problem for me, but I can't get the "recent updates" page to update on my phone. It's stuck on the way it was several days ago.
last 2014-04-01 13:32:39 by L2i0n0k7
The "Expand text" link is only shown on cards that the current user has permission to edit. It's meant to be visible for everyone.
Legendary Bug
When trying to add a basic land to Homestuck: the Gathering, after I've put all the data in, the Create and Preview buttons do nothing.
last 2013-06-10 09:39:45 by Alex
Don't know what else to call them; but it would be nice for the skeleton to be more flexible, and easier to do things like "I know I need a giant growth-like effect" which can be on a list of 'this needs to slot in somewhere' or currently associated to one slot of the skeleton, or moved to another, as the cards change.

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On Don't show planeswalker P+T:
on 2014-04-09 22:14:11 by Vitenka:

The most resilient I can see is:

When type becomes planeswalker:

  • If only one box is filled; move that to loyalty.
  • If both boxes are filled; pick one, doesn't matter which.
  • When a planeswalker becomes a creature - if there was no P/T fill one out (doesn't matter which) with the loyalty.
  • If it does have P/T, replace whichever you picked with the loyalty.

If you're not willing to add a third field; then blanking the one you didn't pick is the second best option, I think.

Another equally less-good option would be to present a thid box for loyalty; label it as such, and flip to the planeswalker frame if the use puts something there.

Type is usually the last field I fill out. I'm not making a planes-walker; I'm making a card. Sometimes it turns out to be a planes-walker.

On Don't show planeswalker P+T:
on 2014-04-09 19:57:01 by Alex:

...Oh. Okay, I guess I hadn't considered someone designing a planeswalker typing a detail like initial loyalty before setting the big-picture things like type="Planeswalker". I would have thought the way it looks like a P/T box rather than a loyalty shield would dissuade you from doing that. But yes, what you propose is a plausible means for occasional users to submit planeswalker cards with nonblank power.

If someone submits a planeswalker with power as well as toughness (that isn't Jeska, Mending Medium), do you think I should actually ignore and blank the power, since I have no way to display it anyway?

On Don't show planeswalker P+T:
on 2014-04-09 18:17:31 by amuseum:

it's exactly as Vitenka stated. it's easily replicated. make a new card, type in a value for power, then type in Planeswalker, then preview. you can see power value, no slash or toughness. at this point, the edit frame only shows one box for loyalty. so type in a value, then preview. now you see P/T. now delete the loyalty, then preview. you see just power value. so by this point, the user is confused since he doesn't know what happens behind the scenes nor what to do to get the loyalty to show up correctly.

On Don't show planeswalker P+T:
on 2014-04-09 15:13:07 by Vitenka:

I think the point is that a "new card" form comes up with two blank boxes, down in the bottom right.

It's not at all obvious which one you should fill in, if you want to make a planeswalker. Nor is there any prompting that you should fill out the type first, to make the frame change.

So people are as likely to pick one as the other. (Obviously, if someone is actually making a creature, having two is right and it's obvious what they're for)

On Don't show planeswalker P+T:
on 2014-04-08 18:08:29 by Alex:

Do I gather from the tone of your comment that you think you do understand why the bug appears? Could you have a go at explaining precisely under what circumstances a planeswalker can acquire a nonblank power?

On Don't show planeswalker P+T:
on 2014-04-08 14:11:50 by amuseum:

i think you still don't completely understand why the bug appears, how the user interacts with the unintuitive interface, and why sharing fields in a database is a bad idea. as vitenka brought up, now you have to remember these exceptions for every type of output that could ge generated.

On Don't show planeswalker P+T:
on 2014-04-08 06:38:42 by Alex:

I've been bearing Jeska, Mending Medium in mind throughout this discussion, but, well, there's a reason SadisticMystic commented on her "A lot of players would have problems handling innate creature planeswalkers no matter how you phrase them, so I wouldn't worry about seeing a card like this pop up in a booster pack near you". And SM is both the card's creator and the person who knows the rules best out of anyone I've interacted with.

­Gideon Jura-style planeswalkers are fairly frequent, but inherently creature-plus-planeswalker cards? Ideally they'd want a custom frame to show both the P/T box and the loyalty, but, well, let's say writing a custom frame for a niche case like that isn't my highest priority. I'm fairly sure the toughness box does accept "/" (and I think even " ", space) so she'd be able to work as well as she currently does even under this new proposal.

(amuseum's comments continue to puzzle me. Are you saying you think that of the two creature stats, power is more like loyalty than toughness is?)

On Don't show planeswalker P+T:
on 2014-04-07 08:41:33 by Vitenka:

Seems a good compromise to me. Toughness/Loyalty accepts things like 'X' and '*', so presumably the solution for Jeska would be to also permit '/'.

Note: Also important to be consistent in handling this field in other forms of output - card export, plain view etc.

On Don't show planeswalker P+T:
on 2014-04-07 03:59:22 by SadisticMystic:

­Jeska, Mending Medium is a thing.

On Don't show planeswalker P+T:
on 2014-04-06 20:48:11 by amuseum:

well, if a user would type in a number before changing frames, they would usually first type it in the power box, not the toughness. so the whole situation is unintuitive. 1) sharing loyalty box with toughness or power. 2) worse, choosing toughness over power to be shared.

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