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Land – Mountain Forest
As Stomping Ground enters the battlefield, you may pay 2 life. If you don't, Stomping Ground enters the battlefield tapped.
Planeswalker – Reordan
+1 Add {g} to your mana pool.
-2 Search your library for a Forest card, reveal it, and put it onto the battlefield tapped, then shuffle your library.
-5 You get an emblem with "Green mana does not empty from your mana pool as steps and phases end."
last 2014-08-25 03:58:27 by L2i0n0k7
Basic Soldier – Water
{3} Steal- take 4-6 of the opposing player's Gems
{2} Hook Slash- do 30 damage to the target. If the target is killed from the attack, this card takes the remaining damage
{b}:Regenerate Regenerating Creatue (The next time Regenerating Creatue would be destroyed this turn, it isn't. Instead, remove all damage from it and remove it from combat.)
1 comment
2014-02-03 11:19:09 by Vitenka

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On Reordan, Warden of the Wood:
on 2014-08-25 03:58:27 by L2i0n0k7:

It's more like an Omnath, Locus of Mana ultimate.

On Reordan, Warden of the Wood:
on 2014-08-24 21:13:22 by Alex:

Nice. Llanowar Elves (at sorcery speed) which cast Nature's Lore when you don't need the mana this turn. And with a funky Upwelling ultimate. I like it a lot.

On Reordan, Warden of the Wood:
on 2014-08-24 03:55:10 by L2i0n0k7:

Now this is a two-mana planeswalker I could get behind. Someone go push Tibalt off a cliff.

On Reordan, Warden of the Wood:
on 2014-08-24 03:30:12 by dude1818:

Welcome! I'm glad you decided to check out the site!

On Drudge Elves:
on 2014-02-03 11:19:43 by Vitenka:

And the important part is; ~ will expand properly when used within a mechanic's presentation name. Which is nice.

On Regenerating Creatue:
on 2014-02-03 11:19:09 by Vitenka:

See Drudge Elves.

Checking I can use ~ within the reminder text, too. I can!

So just /1-walk to go.

On Drudge Elves:
on 2014-02-02 12:19:14 by Alex:

Testing using mechanics for regeneration. This card's rules text is:

{1}{g/b}: [Regeneration]

On Magnar, Viking Captain:
on 2013-12-10 09:22:26 by Vitenka:

Hmm, a snow-hate-warrior-lord. The snow hate is very harsh. It feels like "Oh crap, we broke the metagame, we need a really clumsy nerf-bat to stop people running pure-snow".

And it's also a nice warrior lord. I'd suggest moving that last snow-hate clause elsewhere; and keeping just prot-snow as sufficiently flavourful anti-snow. Or maybe make it give that to all warriors (instead of? as well as?) first strike if you really need a "Ok, you guys? You run all snow? I meta game and win."

All this assumes that snow spells are a major component of your set, of course.

On Magnar, Viking Captain:
on 2013-12-09 23:54:13 by 062regrahc:

concept for a legendary creature in a set I'm working on in Magic Set Editor.

On Three Card Monte:
on 2013-10-21 05:02:55 by Hálian:

Challenge needs reminder text.

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