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A place for people to put their mashup cards.

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This cardset is dedicated to the kind of design challenge known as Mash-ups. The way a mash-up works is: you select two cards and try to create one card that contains elements of both of them, combined into a reasonably elegant whole. A common way of selecting cards is randomly: to select a random printed card, you can use the Gatherer Random Card button. If you want to use Multiverse cards in your random selection, you can use Multiverse's random cards function.

This cardset is free for anyone to create cards, so feel free to mash away! It's a good way to keep your card design skills exercised. Post in the comments what the source cards were.

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Creature – Bird
{2}{u}: The next creature spell you cast this turn has flash, and is a hound.
1 comment
2014-07-29 08:18:50 by Vitenka
Creature – Elephant
Sacrifice Elephant Spirit: Target creature gets +3/+3 until end of turn and all creatures you control gain trample until end of turn.
1 comment
2014-07-28 21:16:37 by Jack V
Legendary Land
Panoramic Callistra enters the battlefield tapped.
{t}: Target creature spell enters the battlefield with a +1/+1 counter.
Illus. Madrid
last 2014-07-28 14:52:28 by Alex
Creature – Elephant
Prevent all damage from the first source to deal damage to Rhoxage each turn.
That's a very thick hide you have there.
All the better to flatten you with, 'my dear'.
last 2014-07-28 12:19:22 by Alex
Enchantment – Aura
Enchant creature you control
{r}: Enchanted creature gets +1/+0 until end of turn
Whenever enchanted creature deals combat damage to a player, they draw a card.
I want to set you on fire.
Can I set you on fire? Please?
Illus. SupehMario
last 2014-07-28 08:44:28 by Vitenka

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On Herald of Kiora:
on 2014-07-29 08:18:50 by Vitenka:

­Merfolk of the Depths + Kiora, Caller of Behemoths

Big {u/g} flash creature, and a planeswalker. Grants vigilance, digs for creatures, and as an ultimate... is a less than brilliant Elvish Piper.

Common elements: Green, getting creatures into play.

And I must work a joke on the name into this somewhere. Well; that part's easy enough. "~ is a hound". ... hmm, I think we'll make this a creature type changer.

In fact, why not make this into a piper-alike; granting things flash and changing their type mostly as trinket text? I like that.

On Elephant Spirit:
on 2014-07-28 21:16:37 by Jack V:

Mashup of Elephant token + Port

Elephant giving islandwalk? Possible, but not quite right. Let's colourshift the evasion ability into green. And I added the pump so it's not as much of a letdown if you sac this.

I can't decide if this should have trample itself.

On a related note, I am constantly disappointed that elephant-themed auras like Elephant Guide and Mammoth Umbra are never called "Pachydermis" :)

On Panoramic Callistra:
on 2014-07-28 14:52:28 by Alex:

It didn't really get reprinted. Just in Masters Edition which is "get all the weird old cards into MTGO" and in a From The Vault set which was "foils for the collectors and EDH players".

It's not been reprinted in an actual paper set with modern design principles, is what I'm saying.

On Panoramic Callistra:
on 2014-07-28 13:36:07 by Vitenka:

Yeah, Maze of Ith ot reprinted, so we know it's allowed sometimes. This still feels a bit unsatisfying.

Maybe: "{t}:Add {1} to your mana pool, and put a +1/+1 counter on a legendary creature you spend this mana on" or something like that.

On Panoramic Callistra:
on 2014-07-28 13:14:11 by jmgariepy:

To be honest, I know the arguments, but I wish they made a few more lands that don't produce mana, since I like the stress they provide. But only a small sprinkle, though, because of... well... stress.

On Panoramic Callistra:
on 2014-07-28 12:21:54 by Alex:

"isn't there a forest with a +1/+1 counter you can move onto a creature" - Yep, Llanowar Reborn.

This is actually very similar to Novijen, Heart of Progress, but removes the 2-mana cost to make up for also losing the ability to tap for colourless. Which is a big problem - this isn't really a land.

On Rhoxage:
on 2014-07-28 12:19:22 by Alex:

You can click the mouseover link to see the Oracle text. In this case the Oracle for Ogre Enforcer includes the pretty yucky phrase "lethal damage dealt by a single source is marked on it".

On Panoramic Callistra:
on 2014-07-28 11:15:15 by Vitenka:

­Jund Panorama + Calistronic Galvaniser

A triple search-land {b}{r}{g}, and - oh gubbins. One of Alex's mad artifact-equippage things.

Anyway; this one puts a counter on something when it's used.

So, sure; that seems like a thing we could turn into a land. Pretty sure it exists - isn't there a forest with a +1/+1 counter you can move onto a creature?

A land that adds +1/+1 every turn (the way this artifact does) would be.. mighty.

But plausible, if as a land it wasn't very good. In fact, I think this is a case for a "Not a land"; no ability to tap for mana.

Ugh; not a nice card at all. I should rethink this.

On Map Reading Crocodile:
on 2014-07-28 09:34:41 by Alex:

Hilarious :D

On Rhoxage:
on 2014-07-28 09:33:30 by Alex:

Very nice. Sensible costing, interesting ability. Reminds me of Ogre Enforcer, but a lot nicer within the rules. Good one.

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